Press: Amazon wants big addictive female shows women can’t stop talking about

Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke dished about her plans for new programming geared toward women that sounds really exciting.

It’s an exciting time for Amazon, especially for Prime members who are anxiously awaiting the next wave of great Amazon Originals that will be coming out over the next little while.

Tasked with that responsibility is Jennifer Salke, who took over as the studio head for the disgraced Roy Price who was ousted over sexual harassment. Salke is not wasting any time putting her mark on the company, renewing Golden Globes winner The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Bosch and Jack Ryan, even ahead of the Aug. 31 premiere.

She’s also had to oversee the exit of Jeffrey Tambor from Transparent amid harassment accusations and is locking up stars like Jordan Peele to overall TV deals.

Oh, and don’t forget about the billion dollar project making The Lord of the Rings into a TV series. While that’s a big deal, financially and creatively, that show won’t be in production until 2020 and released until 2021.

However, there are plenty of worthwhile ideas in Salke’s mind that she wants to get Prime Video subscribers excited about. Particularly, the female audience, according to her comments in a wide-ranging interview conducted with The Hollywood Reporter’s Lesley Goldberg.

“We are going to have lots of big shows. They’re not all going to be genre sci-fi. We’re also going to have some big addictive female shows. We’re looking for our next big show that women also can’t stop talking about.”

I think this is awesome and think it’s a direct result of the success of Mrs. Maisel that took home the Golden Globe for Best Comedy and saw Rachel Brosnahan take home the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy.

Amy Sherman-Palladino made that show about a housewife who has her life turned upside down after her husband leaves her and suddenly she finds herself on the stage as a stand-up comedian, and a hilarious one at that!

This may be the new flagship show for Prime Video as a result and with Transparent ending, The Man in the High Castle off the air for so long that people are forgetting all about it, this type of programming could soon be the norm for Amazon.

Certainly, a variety of programming will be ideal, but catering to the female demographic is a smart play for a myriad of reasons, and I can’t wait to see what type of shows the creatives will think of.

Brosnahan is already having another series developed for her, which sounds totally exciting, and means she’ll be awfully busy while also working on Mrs. Maisel. If the next show can have half the amount of success as this, it should be another smash hit for Amazon.

Source: Amazon Advisor

Photos: ‘Beautiful Creatures’ Screencaps

I added screencaps from Rachel’s 2013 film Beautiful Creatures to the gallery.


Photos/Video: Rachel Presenting at the Tony Awards

Rachel presented a performance of The Band’s Visit at the Tony Awards. You can watch the clip below, and check out the gallery for photos.


Photos/Press: The Hollywood Reporter June 6th Scans

I added scans from the June 6th issue of The Hollywood Reporter to the gallery. Enjoy!


Press/Videos: Additional ‘Off Camera with Sam Jones’ Clips

Off Camera with Sam Jones has released two additional video clips from his interview with Rachel. Check them out below, and check out the full interview June 11, 2018 at 9PM ET/PT on the Audience Network, Directv.

Press/Videos: Rachel to Appear on ‘Off Camera with Sam Jones’

Rachel will be on Off Camera with Sam Jones on June 11, 2018 at 9PM ET/PT on the Audience Network, Directv. You can watch a short clip below.


Press: “It’s So Hard to Be Right”: The Comedy Actress Roundtable

The Hollywood Reporter has added an interview from the Comedy Actress Roundtable as well as the interview segments of the rest of the Roundtable actors. Check out the interview & links to the segments below.

Seven of TV’s top funny ladies — Drew Barrymore, Rachel Brosnahan, Alison Brie, Tracee Ellis Ross, Debra Messing, Molly Shannon and Frankie Shaw — open up about pushing boundaries, demanding fair pay and the long, hard battle to keep their clothes on: “It wasn’t until we started having these conversations that I realized I’d been sexually harassed.”

These days, there is a palpable camaraderie when you bring together Hollywood’s highest-profile actresses. At least a few of those who gathered for The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Television Comedy Actress Roundtable have spent recent months in war rooms and on email chains mapping out a plan to change the gender politics that have contributed to a culture of #MeToo accusations and glaring pay inequality. The passion that has fueled the Time’s Up movement was on display during this mid-April conversation, which touched on everything from nudity demands to a yanked episode of Black-ish. Over the course of an hour, the septet — Drew Barrymore, 43 (Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet); Alison Brie, 35 (Netflix’s GLOW); Rachel Brosnahan, 27 (Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel); Debra Messing, 49 (NBC’s Will & Grace); Tracee Ellis Ross, 45 (ABC’s Black-ish); Molly Shannon, 53 (HBO’s Divorce); and Frankie Shaw, 36 (Showtime’s SMILF) — got deeply personal, with at least a few tales prompting spontaneous table-banging and plenty of applause.

Let’s start broad: What’s the most amusing or frustrating feedback you’ve received when trying out for a part?

TRACEE ELLIS ROSS I had a casting director say I need to work on my girls, as they [her breasts] were referred to, because they were too low, which is where God put them, so I think they’re in a really good spot. (Laughs.) But she called down the hall for one of her assistants to bring another bra …

ALISON BRIE During an audition?

Yes, ma’am.


ROSS Yes, ma’am. (Laughter.) She was like, “Does anyone have on a 34B?” They come down, and it was a 32 something or other, and I was like, “That’s not gonna fit.” She was like, “They’ll spill out, it’ll be great.”

FRANKIE SHAW One time I was in an audition for House of Lies, and the casting director said I needed to show more skin. She actually took the shirt off her back and gave me her tank top. I still didn’t get the part.

MOLLY SHANNON I remember going to an audition when I was first starting out, and I bumped into another girl auditioning who, right before I went in, was like, “Oh, my God, have you gained, like, a hundred pounds?”


BARRYMORE That happened to me recently. I’d gained a bunch of weight, and I was in a restaurant, and a woman goes, “God, you have so many kids.” And I was like, “Well, two.” And she goes, “And obviously one on the way.” I looked at her and, for the first time in my life, I go, “No, I’m just fucking fat.” (Everyone claps.)

There’s been lots of discussion lately about whether we can and should be able to separate art from the artist. Where do you stand?

SHAW It depends on how harmful they are.

ROSS And what the harm is.

This has come up in the context of Roseanne Barr and her controversial social media presence, which prompted some to boycott her sitcom [before it was canceled by ABC a month and a half after this interview].

DEBRA MESSING In a perfect world, we take on a different character, one that’s separate from ourselves. The thing that has made Roseanne and Roseanne Barr so …

ROSS Compelling?

MESSING Divisive.

ROSS Better word.

MESSING … is that, in its day, it was one of the greatest shows ever, and it really pushed the boundaries, but she made it clear from the beginning that this was her — she said, “I’m just being me.” That’s very different from saying, “I’m creating a character.” And then when you have someone who is very outspoken on social media and who says things like “Heil Hitler” or that gay people are pedophiles or …


MESSING So, it’s not about having a conversation about health care or about defense of the country, it’s about humanity, racism, sexism.

And essentially normalizing white supremacy.

BROSNAHAN There’s a difference between being tolerant and tolerating intolerance, and there is no need to tolerate intolerance. So, can we separate an artist from their art? Yes, we do all the time. We have forever. Should we? I think we need to re-evaluate.

And we’re in different times because of what’s happening in the White House. Things that were not tolerated or not acceptable have been lost, and I think there is a recalibration that needs to occur. It’s the reason it feels so frightening right now.

SHAW What’s the answer? How does it change?

MESSING I mean (turns to Ross), there was an episode of your show [Black-ish] that was shelved because it had to do with “Take a knee,” right?

Full Interview: The Hollywood Reporter


Photos: 2018 Photoshoots & Interview Screencaps

I added all of Rachel’s photoshoots from 2018 to the gallery, as well as behind the scenes photos & screencaps. I also added screencaps from some recent interviews.

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view more images from this category


Press/Video/Photos: The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable

Rachel is featured in The Hollywood Reporter’s Comedy Actress Roundtable. You can watch her segment below, and you can also see her in Drew Barrymore’s segment here. The full Comedy Actress Roundtable airs on Sundance TV July 1.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


Press: Rachel Brosnahan Shares Video of Her Aunt Kate Spade

A lot of you have already heard that Kate Spade, Rachel’s aunt, died yesterday from an apparent suicide. I have been a big fan of Kate Spade and her brand for some time. I was very saddened to hear of her passing, especially the way she passed.

As someone who suffers with mental illness, and has had a close family member take their own life, I know how bad things can get. If you are suffering from depression please know you are not alone. You are not a burden. You have people who care about you. Reach out. I know that is easier said than done. If you need someone to talk to you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) 24 hours a day, and if you are uncomfortable talking on the phone they have an online chat available.

I was reluctant to post about the news here, as I felt I wanted to give Rachel and her family as much privacy as I could at this time. However, she has made a public statement, and shared a sweet video about her aunt’s passing. It is with a heavy heart that I share Rachel’s post.

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