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Press: Rachel Brosnahan Shares Video of Her Aunt Kate Spade

A lot of you have already heard that Kate Spade, Rachel’s aunt, died yesterday from an apparent suicide. I have been a big fan of Kate Spade and her brand for some time. I was very saddened to hear of her passing, especially the way she passed.

As someone who suffers with mental illness, and has had a close family member take their own life, I know how bad things can get. If you are suffering from depression please know you are not alone. You are not a burden. You have people who care about you. Reach out. I know that is easier said than done. If you need someone to talk to you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) 24 hours a day, and if you are uncomfortable talking on the phone they have an online chat available.

I was reluctant to post about the news here, as I felt I wanted to give Rachel and her family as much privacy as I could at this time. However, she has made a public statement, and shared a sweet video about her aunt’s passing. It is with a heavy heart that I share Rachel’s post.